The Riverlands

The Riverlands is a region neighbored by the kingdom of Ihmisia to the south, the nation of Madkroken to the north, the mountain nation of Hoor to the west and the Rauha to the east.
Some say Riverlanders originally came from Ihmisia during the reign of Duar Numenar and the invasion of Dragotha. The Riverlands consists of seven smaller, independent territories, each with its own unique government, military, industry and culture.

  1. Midland
  2. Hoorstone
  3. Riverside
  4. Borderland
  5. Ihmiside
  6. Winterdale
  7. Ashendale

Prior to the establishment of the Ihmisian Empire, the Riverlands were home to different tribes of elves, including drow. Civil wars were common and the area drew adventurers looking to lay claim and establish order on the land. This was mostly successful due in part to military leaders from Inar and Hestra leading imperialistic excursions.

Although the imperialistic tones never really stuck, patchwork colonies became a fixture on the land and a collection of farms and timber camps scattered along the River Ihmis. After the Ihmisia was a declared nation in 26 IR, the Riverlands was far enough out of its reach to grow and establish some rule before Ihmisia absorbed Hestra and Inar in 123 IR. This political strength kept Ihmisian ambassadors and diplomats away from the Riverlands borders even though the provinces within the Riverlands were individually governed.

Throughout the early days of the Empire, the Riverlands remained unmolested and thrived on its own. In 432 IR, after the Goblin Wars and the Plight of Dragotha, the Riverlands began to see an influx of Ihmisian nobles, who were eager to cut ties with their former homeland. This influx strained the Riverlands until 442 IR when many of the noble families became an accepted part of the landscape. This acceptance also brought about a golden age for the Riverlands. Many of the nobles brought economic strength and trade with them and as such, the small, loosely governed provinces saw stronger governors placed in power.

Today, the Riverlands still experiences a boom, so much so that many adventurers and world travelers call it home.

Each territory is ruled by an elected governor; however, some territories default to noble families to rule over state affairs, and these are passed down through hereditary lines. This is surprisingly accepted by both the common people and the nobility. To remain impartial in the enforcement of laws from outsiders, a Riverlands constabulary called the Drifters is often sought out to patrol and punish criminals and their activities; some territories are more welcoming of the Drifter’s presence than others.

Territories, Cities, and Towns
Midland: Midland represents the largest agricultural power in the Riverland.

Hoorstone: Resting at the foothills of Hoor, Hoorstone is a territory known for mining and quarrying. Depsite lying at the foot of the Underteeth, Hoorstone sees little trouble with orcs and goblins because of Hoor’s strong presence at their rear.

Riverside: Riverside is a stretch of land and villages that line the River Ihmis. Riverside is also a primary power for trade in the Riverlands, shipping grain, wine, timber, and other goods downstream to merchants in Ihmisia and Rauha. Riverside is also the oldest territory in the Riverlands.

  • Governor: Mourngrym Ihmisson
  • Capitol: Ashenford (pop.8,600)

Borderland: Bordering the nations of Madkroken, Rauha, and Ihmisia, Borderland is the one territory most troubled by outsiders. Because of this, Borderland is an autocracy with a strong military presence, and it’s security makes it a haven for merchants.

  • Governor: Shanatar Silverhand
  • Capitol: Ebonshore (pop. 3,500)

Ihmiside: Ihmiside is perhaps the most industrial of the Riverland territories, drawing many of its cultural and political influences from Ihmisia.

  • Governor: Tharyan Raspp
  • Capitol: Appledown (pop. 2,350)

Winterdale: Among the colder reaches of the Winterbole Forest, Winterdale is a popular home for many retired adventurers. It is relatively peaceful given its inhabitants perhaps because those who would cause trouble know what waits for them here.

  • Governor: Florin Falconhand
  • Capitol: Greendell (pop. 1,400)

Ashendale: Ashendale was a popular settlement for nobles of Ihmisia after the Plight of Dragotha. The name of Ashendale was taken to remind its children of their history.

  • Governor: Uther Colduin
  • Capitol: Falkirk (pop.1,800)

The Riverlands

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