Rauha (pronounced rah-OO-ha) is predominantly a grassland along the eastern coast of Rykett. It is a nation that boasts heavy trade due to the coast and rivers that run along its borders. Rauhan is the name given to those who come from its borders.

Rauhans have a tendency to look on their neighbors’ cultures as being short lived barbarian cultures barely being worthy of notice. This however does not stop them with trading with these nations as they are trading rivals with Ahtar.

Rauha’s heraldry reflects the family crest of the Ahtari merchants who founded the kingdom. The moon is taken from the family Dusk’s symbology and the green field represents the grasses, which are a prominent feature of the Rauhan landscape.


Rauha was founded by merchants, who, ironically, have origins from Ahtar. Before the days of Ihmisian Reckoning (IR), Ahtar merchants traveled across the continent to establish new trade routes. At this time, navigation was poor, and the understanding of the settlements north of Ahtar was nonexistent. It was a bold gamble with little payoff. The merchants who led this expedition, with depleted supplies, were forced to establish permanent residence along the coast of the Sea of Ilane.

For at least a century, the merchant families waned and blended with the local settlements, but finally, desiring the comforts of home, a route was re-established between Ahtar and the settlement of Urburh. Upon arrival, the merchants were unrecognized as significant powers, so over the next decade, the merchant families collected money, and invested in superior weapons and armor to trade with the natives of the northern Illane coast.

The return was similar to their arrival the first time. The natives had nearly forgotten the merchants who had lived among them for that century, but were quickly interested in the goods they had brought. Before long, ties were made once again and the merchant families dominated monetarily. This wealth brought with it the ability to govern, and Rauha was born.


Rauha is currently governed by Queen Nyreen Dusk. She is a member of the original line of traders from Ahtar; however, her appearance is very much of the North having blended genetically over the centuries.

The queen is protected by traditionally trained guardsmen called The Green Plumes, characterized by the house-colored plumes affixed to their helmets. This guard is led by Captain Freyr Hillgazer

Laws of Rauha

Laws are enforced in the countryside by appointed militias and sheriffs. In major cities, the city police forces enforce many of the common laws.

Cities and Towns

  • Urburh (Capital), pop. 24,300
  • Chare


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