Madkröken is a region far in the northern tundra of Rykett. The region is characterized by rock fields, grasslands, and the boreal Winterbole Forest. People from this region call themselves Madkrökens.

Because of sparse resources, the people who live here are nomadic by trade, and have little use for outside traders and adventurers. Shaped by the harsh winds of the north, Maddites are tough and resilient, only wavering at the most imposing foes.

Madkröken over time has ebbed and flowed in aggressiveness toward other nations, never really committing to large scale attacks. Many of these attacks come in the form of raids on small settlements, and these only occur in the harshest winters when desperation seems to push Madkröken s past reason.

At present, Madkröken ‘s heraldry reflects its leader’s family name, Springwulf. It is characterized by a rampant gray wolf on a red field.

Madkroken’s first king was Fastomel Greatborn, an adventurer who had sought fortune in Madkroken only to be appointed its king. His moment of glory came some three hundred years before Ihmisian Reckoning when an army of frost giants led by an frost titan named Halaxes pushed southward from the Godspine Mountains. Although the battle was costly for both sides, Halaxes was slain and the remaining frost giants were routed back to their wintry strongholds.

Fastomel, who died many years later, was honored in death; his tomb, a simple stone cairn, was built upon the former battlefield to serve as a reminder to any would-be invaders from the Godspine.

Madkröken is ruled at large by the barbarian king, Wyngar Springwulf, who resides in the permanent capital of Rottne. The monarchy is electoral in nature. Games and feats of strength hold more bearing than heredity in the North, and these are evaluated during festivities following the death of a king. Once the greatest of the thanes are allowed to present themselves, a vote is held by the attendees to elect the new king. Although heredity is not a guarantee of rule, the monarchy has passed from generation to generation in the past.

Until such time when there is an election, nomadic thanes patrol their territories and pay tribute annually in Rottne’s Hall.

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