Hoorstone is the easternmost county of the Riverlands which skirts the Underteeth along the western border of Hoor. Because of its mountainous geography, Hoorstone is home to many Riverland dwarves and miners, and is naturally well-fortified against invaders.


The history of Hoorstone is a somewhat ambiguous one given that its borders have changed often over the years. What is Hoorstone today once belonged to the nation of Hoor before civil unrest and the development of the Riverlands created a rift in the people of that region.
In 124 IR, civil war erupted among dwarven clans in the Underteeth Mountains, and many humans rallied to fight their own battles afield.

Among the dwarven leadership, two thanes, Kurzon Longbeard of the Hoorstone region and Valain Grimbolt of Hoor Proper, fought more bitterly than any other rivals. The two, once having been friends, commenced in a series of bitter conflicts that left both sides decimated. In the Battle of Shield Falls, Valain Grimbolt was mortally wounded leaving the primary army leaderless. In-fighting among Hoor dwarves (who saw the conflict as theirs) and their human consorts (who saw the conflict as a bid for their own distinct worth) caused general upheaval for the Hoor military.

With the inability to secure a new commander for the Hoor primary army, many of the soldiers disbanded and returned to their strongholds; others still turned to Kurzon for leadership. Although Hoor expected Thane Kurzon to press his advantage and usurp Hoor’s leadership, Kurzon asked for peaceful negotiation. Hoor agreed to the peace and allowed the Hoorstone region to become its own nation.

After Hoorstone tumultuous beginnings, it has remained relatively peaceful with its westerly neighbor, and the two nations have allied to fight back goblinoid invaders that range east at times of their own civil unrest. Although Hoorstone is technically under the rule and sees the benefits of The Riverlands, it identifies more closely with its former parent nation, Hoor.


Hoorstone is a land made up mostly of mountains and foothills, slowly blending into stone-ridden fields before turning into Midland. The mountains are exploited for gem and ore mining as well as stone quarrying. Much of this work is carried out by small dwarven clans from high up in the Underteeth Mountains. Shield Falls is capital of Hoorstone and is the center of stone and precious metal transport. It is located near the mouth of the fast moving River Ihmis.

Notable Locations:

Shield Falls
Pine Ridge
Castle of Broken Worlds


The governor of Hoorstone is an elected governor, Bar Reidan. Reidan is the only dwarven governor in the Riverlands. The surrounding towns are similarly ruled by elected mayors.


The defense of Hoorstone is generally enforced by the Drifters; however Drifters of Hoorstone rarely range far out of their territory, preferring to act on local issues as needed. This close relationship allows certain license between the local government and the defenders of the realm.


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