Ahtar (pronounced AH-tar) is a wealthy collection of city-states, having considerable wealth and ruled by its merchants. It is located on the southwestern reaches of Rykett along the coast of The Golden Sea.

Ahtar’s heraldry represents its wealth and prosperity. The five wealthiest houses of Ahtar and its five rulers are reflected in the five coins floating above a golden chalice, which represents its trade roots and merchant bloodlines. The field of purple is another symbol of wealth and royalty.


Ahtar, since its inception, has been ruled by merchants and entrepreneurial nobles. When traders settled the Ahtar region of Rykett from across the Golden Sea, they established small settlements and looked to find villages of elves with which to trade. The process was slow, and the area revealed it resources. Northmen venturing south found silks, spices, and pipeweed irresistible. The wealth derived from these trades made Ahtar ripe for the picking for barbarians and the loosely-assembled city states teetered on the brink of destruction.

Ahtar began to unify for the purpose of defense, and in quick fashion, Ahtar began hiring its enemies to defend it. Ever since then, Ahtar has been a strong military and mercantile power.

Around 376 IR, Ihmisia was attacked by a weir of dragons that originated in the northern hills of Ahtar. Ihmisia suffered greatly and nearly suffered collapse from the attacks. Because of Ahtar’s reputation, Ihmisia and its allies felt that Ahtar sought to overthrow the Ihmisian Empire through witchcraft and the exploitation of dragons. Ihmisia desperately tried to form an attack against Ahtar, but an invasion force of orcs and goblins from the Underteeth put the attack to a halt. Occupied by the Goblin Wars and realizing the threat imposed against them, Ahtar hired mercenaries to defend its borders and “get ahead” so that Ihmisia would never recover. Since the Plight of Dragotha and the Goblin Wars, Ahtar and Ihmisia have maintained a strained relationship, but never have seen major conflict with one another.


Ahtar is governed as a collection of city-states, and each city-state is ruled by a noble merchant. These titles are earned either through heredity or, more rarely, apprenticeship. Each city state operates under its own laws and rules, and alliances are regularly formed and broken over the course of generations. Similarly, each city-state has its own police force

The one common tie between each city-state is the operation of guilds and trade unions which reach out across not only Ahtar, but other nations as well.

Cities and Towns

  • Nenlast


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