Worklow is a farming community north of the City of Falkirk within the county of Ashendale, in the Riverlands. It stands on the western-most edge of the Winterbole Forest


Worklow’s origins are not storied in any remarkable way. Sure it has seen its fair share of conflict with one invasion to the next, but more than anything Worklow endures.

Worklow in its earliest days was a small human farming community that developed after the rule of Magra the Vile into a trade outpost important in business dealings between Sunhome and Midland.

Today, Worklow’s function has not changed drastically, although the farms built up around the town have developed into massive plantations and the timber camps are some of the most productive anywhere in the Riverlands.


Worklow lies at the intersection of the Black Trail and the Midland Ride as it empties into the county Midland.


Worklow is ruled by a hereditary magistrate/mayor named Nuwall Jurister, an Ihmisian-descended noble and friend of the lord of Falkirk. Despite “noble-airs,” Jurister is a down-to-earth magistrate and a brilliant manager.

Societal Information

There are a variety of different races represented in Worklow:

Human 80%
Elf 8%
Half-Elf 6%
Halfling 4%
Dwarf 2%

Pelor, Erathis, Avandra, Raven Queen, Moradin


Notable Locations

Inns and Taverns

  • Redleaves’ Tap House (1): Known for their blue corn dumplings and wild berry brandy, Redleaves’ Tap House is one of the simplest establishments in the Riverlands. Managed by Peneresil Blackwinter, a human female of plain demeanor, the common room is kept in a consistent bustle, and private rooms always seem to be available. One night in privacy costs 4 sp/day. The common room runs 2 sp/day.
  • Grinning Wench (2): A little bit rowdier than the Redleaves’, the Grinning Wench is run by a human male, Besser Bedlock. The Grinning Wench is frequented by travelers and merchants traveling east-to-west and vice-versa. The common room runs 2 sp/day. Private rooms are 5 sp/day.


  • Voor’s Woodworking (3): An old man by most standards, Calder Voor was once an accomplished leatherworker and shield builder; he now builds furniture to be traded and sold and makes other carpentry repairs for locals in Worklow.
  • Kandive’s Scriptorium (4): A failed apprentice of Windmight Tower, Kandive the Scribe now copies scrolls and maps for paying customers. To keep his scriptorium afloat, Kandive keeps a number of scrolls on hand to trade with adventuring wizards.
  • Deep Barrel Supply (5): Besides selling a variety of goods to area workers, Deep Barrel Supply also does minor blacksmith repairs for a reasonable price.

Temples and Shrines

  • House of Order and Discipline (6): The House of Order and Discipline is an orderly wooden building that stands for the worship of Erathis. Although his congregation is small, Brother Nic Dunwise has a strong and active following.
  • Pelor’s Most Holy Home (7): Appropriate to nearly all farming communities is a temple dedicated to the worship of Pelor. The Most Holy Home is an open air temple managed by a farmer-abbot, Seward Bale.

Other Locations

  • Worklow Tower (8): The founding building of Worklow, Worklow Tower, was once built as a trading outpost. The tower and its attached building served as a constabulary, a general store, and an inn. In 1235 IR, a fire reduced the attached building, leaving only the tower behind. Because of the establishment of other inns and shops, the tower was left on its own to stand as a watchtower against invaders and wolves. Volunteers maintain the guard at the tower.
  • Jurister Manor (9): Jurister’s manor house has was built long before the Jurister family ever came to “rule” Worklow. The large home stands on the edge of town, and Jurister rents many of his lands to sharecroppers.

Nearby locations to the village of Worklow

Other than its immediate proximity to Darwen Cross and Abersmith, Worklow is quite cutoff from much within the bounds of the Winterbole Forest. To the west along the Midland Ride is Tiller’s Fork; the north fork leads into Riverside before it reaches the river town of Wellnesse, and the south fork leads deeper into Midland to the town of Whitegrass.
Easttenroath follows the Black Trail to the east. Abersmith is on the same path to the west.


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