The village of Swinding is the northern-most town in the county of Ashendale in the Riverlands. It is a fortified community that lies along the Greentide River.



Swinding is a fairly old settlement, but has had little growth over the centuries, mainly because of its proximity to the much larger Ashenford.

In its time, Swinding has been a popular place for smugglers to move goods from Ashendale to other locations outside of Riverside. Swinding is still used to move goods both legitimate and not, and operates on a large network that includes Madkroken, Hoor, Rauha, and other territories within the Riverlands.


Swinding follows the North Road from Darwen Cross to Ashenford and intersects with the Greentide River, lying in the lowlands of the Winterbole Forest.


Swinding is run by an elected mayor, Hull Crowley, who is a former boatman and importer to the town. Elections occur on an as needed basis.

Societal Information

There are a variety of different races represented in Swinding, but is largely dominated by humans and half-elves.

Human 71%
Half-Elf 15%
Halfling 10%
Elf 3%
Dwarf 1%

Avandra, Melora, Pelor, Raven Queen


Notable Locations

Inns and Taverns

  • Bronze Oak (1): A middle-aged human by the name of Drunthen Nightharrow, runs the Bronze Oak, a quiet tavern near the center of town. Despite the meager size of the inn, Nightharrow maintains a steadily thrumming inn. It is frequented by many of the locals and rates are reasonable: a room fetches 3 sp/day or the common room costs 1 sp/day.
  • Golden Toad Tap House (2): Urik Renfold’s tap house lies close to the docks, attracting the patronage of boatmen. It is a cramped but lively place. Boarding is meager, but available: 2 sp/day.


  • Phye’s Mending (3): Although an old woman, Phye Ritten, is a skilled clothing mender; she maintains a small shop close to the shore.
  • Whurma’s Medicines and Salves (4): On the far side of Swinding, an elderly dwarven woman, Whurma prepares salves and medicines to be sold at the market. Her knowledge of other concoctions in limited, but she is quite skilled in manufacturing mild healing salves and antidotes.
  • Public Market (5): North of the ford crossing, craftsmen and merchants sell their wares to villagers and visitors from Inwich and Darwen Cross.

Temples and Shrines

  • Temple of the Fortunate Maiden (6): The high-ceilinged temple located close to the shore is dedicated to the worship of Lady Luck, the goddess, Avandra. It is visited frequently by boatmen and merchants.
  • Melora’s Reflecting Pool (7): A small marble pool of river water serves as a shrine to Melora, where travelers might ask for safe passage across the water or wilderness. Frequently, residents of Swinding can be seen dropping coppers into the pool as an offering before leaving port.

Other Locations

  • Crowley Manor (8) : Crowley’s family home stands on the outskirts of town, and is occupied by himself, his family, and a number of servants. Many of the farmers and boatmen rent land and skiffs from Crowley, giving him a large amount of control over the happenings and commerce of Swinding.
  • Swinding Hall (9): Swinding Hall is the central office of governance in Swinding. Crowley and his men occupy the offices within, and a small office and barracks is provided for the Drifters who pass through the area. Next to the hall is a watchtower that towers over the road and waterway. A guard is maintained next to the town alarm bell and beacon, which is only chimed in states of emergency. The beacon is lit in evening hours; it is indicative of the towns location, supervisory state, and the weather.

Nearby Locations

To the immediate north is the village of Inwich and the capital of Riverside: Ashenford. to the south is Darwen Cross. The Evergreen Hills are to the east, and Silver Dolmen to the west.


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