The town of Strathaven is a mining and quarrying community nestled in the bosom of the Breakwall Range within the county of Hoorstone, in the Riverlands.



Strathaven was a town that seemed to erupt from the stone around it. A small community of miners from Hoor traveled down the mountain to seek fortune in the relatively unexploited Riverlands. The Breakwall had never been tapped as a source for resources, but these miners were undeterred and were determined to find precious metals and workable ores here. With the establishment of small camps, it did not take long for permanent buildings to sprout up.

With the founding of the small village, an envoy from Shield Falls sought to visit with the community elder, a retired miner, Aspar Avar. Avar had never thought of the small mining community as a village, but the authorities of Shield Falls and Hoorstone demanded a tax be paid by the Hoor miners and business owners. Of course, Avar and the other miners were opposed to the taxes and a small conflict broke out. The highly trained Drifters and Shield Falls authorities quickly defeated the community dwellers. With their numbers decimated, Avar and the others surrendered and begrudgingly agreed to pay the tax.

After several decades, the community began to recover from the taxes and heavy death toll, and a prominent vein of silver was discovered in the Breakwall deep in the Strathaven mines. The secret became heavily guarded by those that discovered it, and with this discovery, ambassadors were sent out to recruit more loyal miners, settlers, and this time, mercenaries. With a doubled population, the ancient Aspar Avar tipped his hand and revealed the newly discovered vein to the Shield Falls guards that were stationed there. Another conflict broke out, but the trained mercenaries leveled the playing field, and Avar’s community prevailed.

Some days later, another envoy arrived from Shield Falls, and with their arrival, another conflict broke out. Again, Avar’s forces won, but the remaining guards were not completely deterred. Seeing that more conflict was mounting, Avar called for a meeting between himself and the Shield Falls ambassador. The ambassador, Leofric Bulgard, agreed to the meeting and heard Avar’s terms. After decades of paying taxes, Avar wanted citizenship for his people and the incorporation of the town. Bulgard saw an opportunity and agreed to the terms, seeking the role of governor in the newly recognized community.

Brimming with new leadership (albiet heavily influenced by Avar and his supporters), Bulgard and the newly founded Bulgarton flourished. Bulgard’s grasp for power was the first move in a string of corrupt practices; he began to embezzle county taxes, hire his own elite guard, and declare rights over women in the region. Despite the relatively wealth of the region, Bulgarton was depraved of morals. Seeing what his alliance had become, Aspar Avar, on his deathbed, sent a rider to Shield Falls. Unfortunately, Avar’s plans were discovered and the conspirators were killed by Bulgard and his men. With this move, Bulgar declared himself King of the Breakwall, and this would mark the beginning of his end.

When the meager taxes of Bulgarton ceased to come into Shield Falls, Gyrth Stratt, the governor’s cousin was sent to investigate. Shield Falls feared another uprising from the Hoor natives that had originally inhabited the region, but Stratt was surprised to find the town occupied by a silver-crowned Bulgard. Although at first blush Bulgarton appeared to have the upper hand with strength in numbers, Bulgard never anticipated that more than half of the community would seek to depose him. With all of his strength directed toward Stratt and his forces, Bulgard left his rear guard down. Miners, business owners, and merchants seized the self-anointed king and dismembered him.

With Bulgard slain, Stratt was able to disperse the rest of the combatants. After the battle negotiations took place, and the deceased Avar’s intentions were once again revisited with one amendment: that the people would be allowed to govern themselves. Stratt returned to Shield Falls with the terms, and after speaking with his uncle, he personally returned to them to grant them their terms as recognition for their contribution to the battle. The people similarly returned the favor and renamed the town Strathaven and adopted a dismembered man as their colors.

Today, Strathaven is a strong community that still maintains strong ties to the capital of Hoorstone. Mining still occurs, but since its founding other veins of silver, and other precious metals, have been discovered.


Strathaven rests in a small valley that runs perpendicular to the Breakwall range. As such, it is a highly defensible community. The only way to access Strathaven is by the Shadow Pine Trail through the village of Pine Ridge.


Strathaven, despite its history of political turmoil, now functions under an elected mayor like many communities in the Riverlands. The current mayor is a retired human miner, Huneric Vandal. Vandal is a stern man, loyal to the Hoorstone government at large.

Societal Information

There are a variety of different races represented in Strathaven:

  • Human 77%
  • Dwarf 10%
  • Elf 6%
  • Half-Elf 4%
  • Halfling 2%
  • Dragonborn 1%

Moradin, Dumathoin, Bahamut, Erathis, Ioun, and Kord


Notable Locations

Inns and Taverns

  • The Six-Bit King (1): The Six-Bit King is an inn and tavern run by the shrewd, Bulkas Tendwell. The inn is well-known for its homemade cheese pie and its popularity amongst the locals and travelers alike. Private rooms can be rented for 3 sp/day and the common room costs 1 sp/day.
  • The Noisy Wanderer Tavern(2): Netherin Goldwood is a Hooran half-elf, who built his pubhouse on the eastern outskirts of town. Netherin provides a variety of wines and ales. Common rooms only are available for 1 sp/day.


  • The Gallant Blacksmiths (3): The Gallant Smiths are two human brothers who are well-versed in working many different metals, and have secured many contracts in the region. The family business found success in repairing tools for mining and quarrying but expanded to take on work for the Drifters.
  • The Secret Ring (4): This small shop is run by an elven sage, Lafar Glimmerdawn. Glimmerdawn keeps a variety of magical goods on hand, but much of her work is appraisals and identification. She is a popular stop for adventurers going to or coming from the Castle of Broken Worlds.
  • Tumbleston Market (5): This small market area is used for a variety of functions, but mainly as a central market for traders and farmers selling their goods.

Temples and Shrines

  • House of the Shining Shield (6): This stone temple is dedicated to the service of Bahamut and lies near the northern end of town. The abbot is a retired dragonborn paladin, Marfire Trapbreaker. Although many Strathaven residents are skeptical of the dragonborn, Marfire is well-respected in town, and many seek his services.
  • Library of Etched Lore (7): This stone library serves two purposes: it is a place of reading and research, and it also houses a shrine dedicated to the worship of Ioun. Elly St. Andrick is the Keeper of Tomes for the temple, and she operates a small staff in the library.

Other Locations

  • Drifters Watchtower (8): Standing sentinel at the center of town, is a tower and home where a small Drifter’s outpost is maintained. In times of emergency, the guard on duty will sound a horn to warn of impending danger.

Nearby locations to the village of Strathaven

Across the mountains to the north leads to Shield Falls. To the south is the forboding Castle of Broken Worlds. The Shadow Pine Trail runs east through town and leads to the village of Pine Ridge.


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