Plight of Dragotha

There are many defining moments in any nations history. For Ihmisia, the Plight of Dragotha is the defining moment of their history. Much of their culture and current politics are a result of this centuries old conflict between the royalty of Ihmisia and dragons of the Blackshaw Mountains.



In 376 IR, the southern cities of Ihmisia sited a small weir of chromatic dragons rising from the Blackshaw Mountains. Among the weir, a large, elder red dragon landed in the small farming village of Branora and reduced every structure and living thing into a pile of ash. According to Ihmisian history, this attack marks the beginning of the Plight of Dragotha.

Usually operating as single entities foraging for livestock and protecting their territory, this weir functioned as an organized party seemingly bent on destruction. Having laid waste to many villages and towns, the weir began to spread out so that each dragon could stake its own claim. Reeling from the onslaught, many nobles fled north to the Riverlands or Rauha hoping to outrun the carnage wrought by these tyrants. At the capital, the king, Torin Numenar III scrambled to find support coming out with no aid.

After several years of destruction, in 382 IR, the Red Tyrant, Dragotha, approached the capital of Ihmis, leveled half of the city with flame and claw, and perched atop Numenar Castle. Although the king planned an assault on Dragotha led by his eldest son, Torin IV, Dragotha was their match. Prince Torin IV was slain, and the guard was reduced to a fraction of its strength. Amid the assault, Torin IV’s teen-aged brother, Duar, fled northwest to the nearby Greycloak Hills to seek aid. King Torin III abdicated his throne to Dragotha, although he was allowed to reside in the castle to act as a steward for Dragotha’s order.

The period of time from 382 IR to 400 IR was known as the Age of Blackened Stone. Dragotha continued to venture across the Ihmisian countryside to quell rebellions that rose up against his draconic subjects. Although some of his subjects were slain, Dragotha’s rule remained strong.

During this age, Duar continued to stay hidden in his hermitage to the south. At the age of 33, he was an accomplished griffin rider, and he had gained enough support to retake the throne that he staged an attack against the capital. In the month of Frostmoot in the year 400 IR, Duar and a small force of fellow riders came to the capital to find it abandoned by Dragotha. Using the absence of Dragotha to further their plans, Duar raised a militia to confront the dragon upon his return.

Dragotha, ambushed, was caught off guard but attacked with wild fury that leveled Numenar Castle, killing King Torin III and many of his advisers as a result. The battle, which was well-documented ended with Duar riding alongside a spiraling gout of flame on the back of his griffin, Whiteclaw, gashing Dragotha’s throat. The mortally wounded Dragotha, was handily defeated after the wound knocked much of the wind out of the tyrant.

Despite the defeat of Dragotha, much of Ihmisia remained in shambles, and Duar Numenar recognized that many of its neighbors ogled the lands of the weakened country. In short fashion then, Duar was instated as King of Ihmisia to show his legitimacy of rule and the renewed strength of the country in the wake of ruin. As word spread, of Dragotha’s defeat, many of the dragons from Dragotha’s weir fled, but others stayed to perhaps claim their former leader’s mantle. In 401 IR, Duar then launched a campaign against the remaining weir to reclaim these lands. The campaign was largely successful and King Duar was able to expand his territory to the west.

Unfortunately, King Duar’s ambitions to eliminate the threat of dragons invited other opportunists to make an attempt at pillaging and seeking domination of the country, including the nation of Thurso and the orcs and goblins of the Underteeth. These events combined with the Age of Blackened Stone were termed the Plight of Dragotha.

Although the struggle at times seemed endless, the venerable Duar Numenar was crowned emperor in 432 IR, securing his lands, running out would-be invaders, and establishing the Empire of Ihmisia as an indomitable force in the Realm of Rykett.


To celebrate the anniversary of Emperor Duar the First’s triumph over Dragotha the Tyrant, nobles from the around the country travel to Ihmis to pay allegiance to the Numenar Line. The primary symbol of this pledge is Duar’s Bastard Sword, Thaugol. The nobles’ pledges are followed by a month-long festival that involves a battle reenactment, various concerts, and an appointment of a “Festival Captain of the Silver Griffins”

On the flip side, many chromatic dragons still hold resentment against the entire Ihmisian empire, but activity is reduced to small raids. These attacks are never organized as they had been before and during the Age of Blackened Stone. Draconic ancestors of Dragotha’s reign have had hate bred into them, but few dragons still live from these bygone days.

Just as hate for the Ihmisians has been bred into chromatic dragons, suspicions against the Ahtari have been bred into Ihmisians. Although never verified or confirmed, many Ihmisian nobles and commoners believe that the nation of Ahtar goaded Dragotha into attacking the nation of Ihmisia (the Blackshaw Mountains and Boke Heath rest close to the Ahtar-Ihmisia border). As a result, tensions are high between the two nations and trade is almost nonexistent.



  • King Torin III
  • Prince Torin IV
  • High Counselor Gregor Ihmisson
  • General Hargath Greene
  • Assorted commoners, nobles, and dignitaries


  • Dragotha, Red Dragon
  • Ryozz, Black Dragon
  • Xyadrix, Red Dragon
  • Azdrin, Green Dragon
  • Yoopsix, Green Dragon
  • Stexish, Black Dragon
  • Klazyis, Blue Dragon
  • Assorted young and adult drakes
  • In a campaign to greatly reduce numbers of dragons, many Ihmisians destroyed a number of clutches and wyrmlings.

Plight of Dragotha

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