Manus Axedriller

A stumbling drunk determined to join Dorgo


As far as dwarves go, Manus is fairly nondescript. Really his only outstanding features are a blond pointed beard and a natural propensity for stumbling over his own feet.


Manus Axedriller had traveled as a younger dwarf from Hoor into the Riverlands because a reputation for foolishness followed him everywhere he went, but the reputation traveled with him. Settling in Abersmith, Manus found work as a timber hauler for a time before he was fired. Late nights at the Lucky Barrel and a passion for Falkirk’s Finest found him late to work and stumbling about. Manus became such a feature of ridiculousness and shame, that area youth took to badgering him after his drunken binges.

Truly a dwarf cursed to be a fool, Manus became resolved to do something great after hearing word of Dorgo the Dissenter in Abersmith. Hoping that he might one day meet Dorgo and join him, Manus began to watch his consumption of ales and avoided the Lucky Barrel, but that opportunity never came. Manus decided then take change into his own hands by wearing a dark cloak and calling himself Dorgo thinking that although he might incur the ire of the real Dorgo, it would give him the opportunity to meet him. At the same time, Manus hoped to find eager hands to assist him in eliminating some of his enemies living in Abersmith.

Manus Axedriller

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