Magra the Vile

Magra was unleashed upon the Riverlands once reunited with an painting bearing his likeness


At a glance, Magra is something terrible to behold. He stands over six-and-a-half feet tall, and in his armor, he appears like a blackened steel wall. Besides his stature, his most prominent features are his red-glowing gaze, the soft glow of his soul-bonded great sword, and the permanent sneer across his skeletal face.


Magra the Vile was a former warlord from Madkroken who gained a reputation for himself as being the single-minded leader responsible for the routing out of the elves in the Riverlands, nearly a millennia ago.

Magra and his soldiers ruled over the Winterbole Forest for three decades and enslaved the remaining elves until those that had fled mounted a counter-attack against the human occupiers. Much older, Magra the Vile was cut down in battle, but the elves still lost the conflict. Some hailed him a hero; however, in retrospect, many more see Magra as a misguided zealot and tyrant. His body was was entombed where his body fell, and sealed with protective wards.

Magra the Vile

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