Winterbole Forest

The Winterbole Forest is a dense coniferous forest that covered the southern highlands of Madkroken and continued south into the Riverlands and Ihmisia. Originally the forest was primarily the kingdom of the Wood Elves, but it was sundered by Madkroken invaders from the north, namely by Magra the Vile.


The trees within the forest are far taller then any others found in the region. But these pines, with their wide spacing and dense foliage, provide adequate shade from the strong sunlight and winter winds and snows. Small streams run intermittently throughout the forest, culminating in small, isolated pools.


Ogres, orcs, goblins, and the occasional drow are known to live under the trees of Winterbole. Green dragon wyrmlings are uncommonly found, along with many sylvan creatures such as dryads or satyrs.

Winterbole Forest

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