Greendell is the capital of Winterdale.


Greendell straddles the Midland Ride as it passes through the heart of the Winterbole Forest.


Greendell, like many cities in the Riverlands, is governed by a mayor, however, it is also the seat of the Winterdale governor, Florin Falconhand. The current mayor is Rychel Nelwin and to avoid political conflicts, his role is more managerial than the ruler of Winterdale’s role in the city.

The mayor is elected in a public election held in the market. The gubernatorial election is run by noble representatives who are placed throughout the countryside. Because many Winterdale nobles are retired adventurers and self-made, they frequently elevate one of their own to fill the governor’s seat.

Societal Information

There are a variety of different races represented in Greendell:

  • Human 69%
  • Half-Elf 13%
  • Elf 7%
  • Dwarf 5%
  • Halfling 4%
  • Dragonborn 2%

Melora, Pelor, Erathis, Raven Queen, Moradin, Bahamut


Notable Locations

Inns and Taverns
The Grateful Tankard (5): The Grateful Tankard is a bustling tavern and inn run by a business savvy elf, Vasaren Duskwhisper. Rooms are rented for 5 sp/day, but vacancies are hard to come by. Meals are regularly prepared and hailed throughout Greendell, although many customers will come to listen to bards and other performers. The Grateful Tankard serves a wide variety of clientele, but is frequented by merchants, off-duty city guards, nobles, and adventurers.

The Dead Dragon (10): The Dead Dragon lies outside the walls of Greendell, traveling from the north. Thia Stormbird, a stern-faced half-elf, maintains the inn mainly for travelers and merchants, who are too late to make curfew at the gates of town. As a result, she is able to charge latecomer’s fees up to 8 sp/day. The Dead Dragon is usually not very busy during the day, and a few shady characters make their way to the chairs in the late evening. Regardless, Thia runs a tight ship and has few problems.

The Shattered Book (13): Reald the Red is the retired wizard who owns and manages the Shattered Book with his wife, Elta. The two of them are well-liked by Greendellers all around. Although room rates are reasonably low at 4 sp/day, many who come to the Shattered Book are looking for rumors and adventure; the atmosphere of the inn generates both. Clientele are largely adventurers, some local toughs, and a few nobles, but as the inn lies of the main avenues, travelers are not frequent customers.

Crystal Garden (14): For the elevated noble or merchant, there is no finer tavern or inn than Crystal Garden. Mirly McRufrick, a genial man, maintains a tavern that frequently smells of rich tobacco and flowers. Vagabonds and unwary travelers who mistakenly step over the threshold are quickly turned away by Mirly’s bouncers. Standard rooms are 3 gp/day. Noble’s quarters are 10 gp/day.

Shops and Other Businesses
Dagarkin’s Arcane Emporium (2): Xavros Dagarkin is a dwarven wizard of good standing in Greendell. Originally an adventurer with The Iron Mercenaries, Xavros retired in Greendell and made a trade of crafting magic items and implements and selling them at his tower. His ability to craft high-quality items, has put his name on the map; however, his services do not come cheaply.

Guildhall Assembly (6): Less of a business and more of a fraternity hall, the Guildhall Assembly acts as a forum for matters relating to trade and markets within the city. The town is comprised of several guilds including: Teamsters, Masons, Carpenters, and Trade, among others. The Guildhall is off limits except to those in service to the guilds or guild members.

Greendell Central Market (7): The central market lies off of the Midland Ride in front of Winterdale Keep. All week long, and throughout the day, the market is perhaps the busiest place in town. Although many stores and shops fulfill the needs of many, the market is a place where traveling merchants can display and sell wares that are not common to the area.

Temples and Shrines
There are many temples and shrines throughout the city and outside its walls. The most frequented temple is the Temple of Bahamut (4). Outside the city to the north is a temple dedicated to the Raven Queen. There are also temples devoted to Erathis, Melora, Pelor, Moradin, Ioun, and others.

Evil worship does exist within the confines of Greendell, but it is usually practiced in secret behind closed doors at private shrines.

Other Locations

Winterdale Keep (1): Winterdale Keep was built to house the governor of Winterdale. The keep is well-defended and boasts a complement of guards. The Drifters of Winterdale are housed within the walls of the keep, but frequently function outside of the city and throughout the county.

Hall of Justice (3): The Hall of Justice is where much of the government functions, and the city guard is housed here. The captain of the guard is Keaton Scaffeld, a recently appointed man, who served in the guard for two decades. Trials are heard here by Scaffeld and his council. Furthermore, the Halls of Justice serve as a public venue for crimes against Winterdale by Governor Falconhand, himself.

Southern/Northern Gate (8/9): The Gates are the only entrance or exit from Greendell. A curfew is maintained at sunset that no one may enter nor leave except by order of the mayor, the guard, or the governor.

Slums (11): Constructed mainly by the impoverished looking for something better than in their old hometowns, the slums stand as a grim reminder that even the relative prosperity of Greendell is not without its blemishes. Many of the poor within the city also eventually find their way to the slums.

Cemetery (12): The cemetery is maintained by Guldrim the Undertaker, a gray man in the service of Raven Queen, who also acts as priest to the nearby temple.

Armorsmith Plaza (15): Dedicated to the founder of Greendell, Antor Armorsmith, Armorsmith Plaza displays a statue in his likeness. The plaza is a popular assembly space for festivals and gatherings dedicated to special envoys visiting the town.

Mayor’s Residence (16): The mayor’s residence houses Rychel Nelwin, the current mayor of Greendell. It is one of the largest palatial homes in Greendell.

Nearby locations to Greendell

Mandon, Bodnock, and Darwen Cross can all be reached by leaving the Northern Gate along the Midland Ride. Appledown and the Ihmisian border are reached by the Southern Gate.


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