The Drifters came to prominence as the rulers of the Riverlands saw the need to install a constabulary force to maintain law from one county to the next. The Drifters have played key roles in the defense of the realm on a number of occasions.


The Drifters began in Riverside as a nameless band of youths who had grown up together. One of the their number, Loris Singuard, rescued Governor Rathan Thentraver of Ashenford from a Madkroken assassination attempt. In gratitude, Rathan granted a charter to them allowing them to bear arms in defense of the county. This official assent included a strong recommendation that the party explore and clean out the Evergreen Hills, where a bandit camp east of Swinding lay.

Early on, the Drifters had within their ranks members who were uncooperative and attempted to slay or steal from their fellows. Two such Drifters, fighters Agannor Kilreign and Fel Tauk, met with swift brutal ends.

Before long, the party traversed Midland to Hoorstone, where they cleared out the monster-infested Castle of Broken Worlds. It had taken time, but when they finally secured the Castle, they discovered enough treasure to rebuild the villages surrounding the castle and discover its secret—the Castle was built upon the ruins of the lost elven citadel of Darnissa, a haunted and desolate ruin to rival any of the monsters that had been living in the Castle proper.

The Drifters would find themselves in various battles with Madkroken and Rauha as well as orc invaders from the Underteeth. Thurso also sent an army against the Riverlands in a coup to usurp power and surround Ihmisia in a grand scale war. The Drifters prevailed with the help of the militia and the elves against ten times their number. The Drifters made a lightning attack on Dagger Keep, a village on the Thurso-Ihmisia border, where they razed and plundered the temple of Kord, taking 400 prisoners including orcs and Thursoim. The Drifters led a second successful attack on the Thursoim in the caverns below the Underteeth.

While the Drifters were recovering from their adventure, Url of Rauha started an invasion of the neighboring Borderland, conquering Ebonshore and pressing south and west into Ihmiside and Winterdale before anyone could mobilize their forces. Riverside, small tribes of elves, and the druidic circles rushed to help bolster Winterdale, and they held Url back. The Drifters took advantage of this blockade to seek aid from Ihmisia, who was recovering themselves from Thurso’s recent attack. Url’s army crumbled as he was attacked from all sides. After the successful defense of the Riverlands, the Drifters were invited to take on the role of defenders of the realm.

After being invited to defend the realm, some of the party retired to Ashenford and the surrounding area, including Loris Singuard. The Drifters continued to protect the realm and have staved off numerous invasions and attempted occupations. In that time, the Drifters have also experienced some turmoil and betrayals. Despite these setbacks, the Drifters are still widely recognized as a force to be reckoned with in the Riverlands and their outposts and green tunics are a beacon of hope and protection for many commoners in the realm.

Prominent Commanders

Positions of command within the Drifters puts leaders in control of outposts and capital offices. The High Commander, Alters Fulton, operates from the Drifters Command in Ashenford. The following are a short list of the current commanders of the Drifters.

  • Alters Fulton (Human, M)
  • Munder Wheatley (Human, M)
  • Aman Swet (Human, M)
  • Ewynn Torp (Human, F)
  • Burga Gladstone (Human, F)
  • Touilda Farnham (Human, F)
  • Eowulf Mildenhul (Human, M)
  • Ryany Blackwater (Half-elf, M)
  • Cuther Windwalker (Half-elf, M)
  • Narvi Bronzeroar (Dwarf, M)
  • Elror Hammermantle (Dwarf, M)
  • Maglemmir Leafhelm (Elf, M)
  • Dorinor Strongflower (Elf, M)
  • Ebringor Strongflower (Elf, M)


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