Castle of Broken Worlds

Rising up in the highest of the Underteeth foothills resides the Castle of Broken Worlds, a ruin of time past. The ruins today are a common gathering point for adventurers, bandits, and monsters. Those brave enough to explore its depths swear to something more sinister among the castle’s upper levels, but descriptions are limited adding to the castle’s storied history and mystery.



The Castle of Broken Worlds was founded as Darnissa during the Golden Age of the Elves well before the migration of any humans from the North. For over four thousand years, the city prospered with little incident.

Through the passing of time, other races began to develop a presence, and outside pressure for trade created the need to reevaluate Darnissa’s foreign policy. The ruler of Darnissa, Coronal Illitar Orithyr decided that if Darnissa was to exist peacefully, it would need to make peace with the other races and open the city to trade, so Illitar set about organizing the eladrin wizards to lower the magic ward that protected the elven city. The dropping of the ward marked the “Opening”, not only for Darnissa, but for all of the elven nations that spanned the present-day Riverlands.

The Opening marked the beginning of a new Golden Age for all of the races of Rykett when the city prospered and many races flourished amid its towers. Many demihuman groups came to the city during this time, including dwarves, gnomes, and halflings. Darnissa reached a peak of power and culture in -1661 IR, with all its races living in unity.

Following the death of Illitar in -1661 IR, the city was left without a leader. By Midsummer -1667 IR the High Elven Council was in control of Darnissa. The council soon forgot the dreams of the Coronal and took to bettering their own agendas, which led to a series of in-fighting and upheaval not only among the elves, but all residents represented within the city. With Darnissa failing as a capital, dissolved into city states within four decades.

With the fracturing of the city, peace dissolved among the other races, and although many fled the city for greener pastures, few stayed to wage wars within the walls of Darnissa. Colloquially, Darnissa became known as the Castle of Broken Worlds. Over the next millennium, the stones of Darnissa gave way and interlopers from the Underteeth sought refuge in the Castle of Broken Worlds, many developing alliances with the last refuges of humanoid races. With monsters and magic running rampant through the streets, the last of Darnissa fell, and the city built atop its ruins fell as well.

The Castle of Broken Worlds lie in ruin for centuries until a group of adventurers called the Drifters cleared areas in the lower levels of the castle and rediscovered the ancient ruins of Darnissa.

Castle of Broken Worlds

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