The village of Bodnock is an unwalled farming community situated within Winterdale, in the Riverlands.


Like many small towns, Bodnock bloomed from a collection of farms and an inn into a small community. Although largely unremarkable, Bodnock has had its share of happenings and adventure. Among these events, the story of Osmin Warford has become legend and representative of the town. Osmin Warford was chief constable in early Ihmisian Reckoning when the town was attacked by warg-riders from the north. The warband was small, but for Bodnock, the repellence of these invaders was a defining moment in its history. To this day, each child is told the story of Warford and his likeness stands at the center of town.

In recent history, Bodnock has not fared as well. The town was invaded again; this time the undead led the charge. Losing their chief constable early on in the assaults, the remaining constabulary was in shambles. The dead were able to force the evacuation of the town with only a few citizens remaining behind. Among the holdouts were the mayor and his daughter. Subsequently, the were both slain as a result of the attacks, and the rest of the town, without leadership, was abandoned.

Shortly after the abandonment, Bodnock was turned into a bandit camp held by a Rauhan calling himself Black Knife. Bodnock became a choking point for all trade north-south and east-west, creating a freeze for the cities of Falkirk, Greendell, and Ashenford. With the assistance of the Apple Dumpling Gang, however, Bennigar Thwaite, and some of the other villagers were able to take back the village and slay Black Knife. With the death of Black Knife, Bodnock was reestablished and Thwaite was elected mayor.


Bodnock straddles the Midland Ride where it intersects Black Trail between Abersmith and Easttenroath.


Bodnock, like many towns and villages of the Riverlands, functions under an elected mayor. Prior to the abandonment of the village, Bodnock was governed by Gerhardt Wygarthe. With Gerhardt’s death and the recapturing of the town, Bennigar Thwaite, a farmer of high esteem was elected mayor and given residence at Wygarthe Manor.

Societal Information

There are a variety of different races represented in Bodnock:

  • Human 87%
  • Half-Elf 10%
  • Halfling 2%
  • Dwarf 1%

Melora, Pelor, Erathis, Raven Queen, Moradin

Population (prior to abandonment)

Notable Locations

Inns and Taverns

  • Drunken Giant Inn (1): The Drunken Giant Inn is run by a jovial, overweight man called Bartel Blau. The inn is well-established as a place to serve all manner of traveler. Rooms can be rented for 1 sp and includes a meal. Stabling horses at the inn is also 1 sp.
  • Tobias’ Pubhouse (2): Tobias Evanee is an Ihmisian immigrant, who built his pubhouse on the eastern end of the village. Tobias is a shrewd seller of a variety of wines and ales. Various locals and travelers find their way here after a long day.


  • Ingvar’s Smithy (3): Ingvar is a human smith proficient in repairing wagons, sharpening tools, and shoeing horses. Because Bodnock is not a largely fortified town nor an outpost for the Drifters, Ingvar is reluctant to work with weapons for lack of experience.
  • Gram’s Potions (4): On the eastern-most edge of Bodnock, the venerable Gram is an institution to the community. Gram is an accomplished herbalist and apothecary, specializing in healing elixirs and antidotes.
  • Warford Field (5): Named after a heroic constable, Osmin Warford, Warford field bears his likeness near the crossroads. The field is used for a variety of functions, but mainly as a central market for traders and farmers selling their goods.

Temples and Shrines

  • House of Pelor’s Dawn (6): The circular temple dedicated to the worship of Pelor lies near the southwest corner of town. Despite a variety of religions celebrated in Bodnock, Pelor has the only established temple. Revered by farmers, tribute is often paid to the Sun Lord during festivals and times of hardship as well as plenty.

Other Locations

  • Wygarthe’s Manor (7) : Wygarthe’s home is close to the center of town, north of Warford Field. It is occupied by Wygarthe, his daughter Jolline, and their servants. Noble visitors are frequent and usually stay in Wygarthe Manor instead of frequenting the inn.
  • Bodnock Watchtower (8): Standing sentinel at the center of town, is a tower where a single guard is maintained. At the top of the tower is a small cell furnished with a cot and table. In times of emergency, the guard on duty will sound a horn to rally the rest of the constabulary.

Nearby locations to the village of Bodnock

Greendell and the village of Mandon can be reached by the southern road. Darwen Cross lies to the north following the Midland Ride.
Easttenroath follows the Black Trail to the east. Abersmith is on the same path to the west.


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