Abersmith is an unwalled farming community outside the City of Falkirk within the county of Ashendale, in the Riverlands.


As its name would imply, Abersmith was established by a blacksmith, Murt Aber, who had left Falkirk as a journeyman to establish a smithy in a small, unincorporated collection of farms. Aber’s work was hailed as some of the finest in the Riverlands, and before long the town began to grow as most small villages do.

Living within arms reach of Falkirk, Abersmith has been largely unmolested by invaders over the years; however, its proximity to the city has made it subject to some of the same plagues and turmoil common to densely populated areas.

In recent years, Abersmith has tried to step out of the shadow of Falkirk with the election of an independent half-elf mayor, Gref Runthrop. As opposed to being an annex to Falkirk, Runthrop has forced the tax of goods moving into the Abersmith creating an economic boom for the area, ushering in a new age of prosperity for the residents of the town.


Abersmith straddles the North Road and the Black Trail between Worklow and Bodnock.


Abersmith is ruled by an elected mayor named Grefdon Runthrop, a middle-aged half-elf. Known to many as Gref, Runthrop has been in the office of mayor for only a few years, but he is well liked and the area has boomed in trade and growth during that time.

Societal Information

There are a variety of different races represented in Abersmith:

  • Human 81.5%
  • Half-Elf 8%
  • Elf 5%
  • Halfling 3%
  • Dwarf 2%
  • Dragonborn .5%

Melora, Pelor, Erathis, Raven Queen, Moradin


Notable Locations

Inns and Taverns

  • The Lucky Barrel (1): Run by a warm-cheeked, dwarven mistress named Runefiss Bloodbeard, the Lucky Barrel is host to a variety of visitors in part because it is perpetually stocked with butts of Falkirk’s Finest. Travelers who prefer not to tip cups amid the hustle and bustle of Falkirk can find the same hospitality in Abersmith here. Rooms run 3 sp/day, and stables are maintained in the back by Runefiss’s younger brother and nephew, Storri and Budrik for 1 sp/day.
  • Lively Bird (2): Running diametrically to The Lucky Barrel, Lively Bird caters to the lower classes and a seedier lot. Delin Grij, the half-elven owner, never set out to serve these types, but competition and a lost contract with Falkirkian brewers makes for tough business. As a result, Delin is a hard man to be friendly with; he is in the business of service and he does just that—no small talk, no special amenities, etc. A room at Lively Bird costs 5 cp/day.
  • Young Temple Arms (3): Jilly Spryblade, the halfling proprietor of the upscale Young Temple Arms, is a kindly barkeep, who understands the delicate art of wooing nobles and wealthy merchants. Frequented by these types, the Young Temple Arms hosts a smaller clientele, but in recent years, with Runthrop’s new taxes, the tavern and inn have been frequented more often and has seen a boost in the number of patrons. Because Jilly offers finer rooms, drink, and food, her prices are proportionate. Her cheaper rooms cost a traveler 7 sp/day; finer rooms are 2 gp/day.


  • Spiritwind’s Authentic Elven Sundries (4): If Nimwen Spiritwind doesn’t have it, she can get it crafted. Nimwen is a young elven maiden, chasing the past of her people, and selling elven goods to bring some of that past into the present. Centuries ago, Nimwen’s clan resided in the Winterbole Forest before they were run-off by Madkroken invaders. Returning from her family’s refuge in Hylte, Nimwen now sells elven clothing, weapons, and implements to those who can see the superior craftsmanship of elven artisans.
  • Blackstone Livery (5): Operated as a stable and livery, one can find both here. To stable a horse costs 2 cp/day. Buying a horse varies in cost, but negotiation is almost certainly a must.
  • Rowan Nimblefinger’s (6): The halfling midwife and healer’s home is a popular stop for locals to fend off a fever or deliver a child. Rowan has also been known to cure the occasional poisoning, and on at least one occasion, the locals swear she brought a man back from the dead and put him back on the plow that very same day.
  • Jack Bilgewater’s Provisions (7) : To meet the simple needs of most farmers and travelers, Jack Bilgewater sells a wide variety of food and equipment at a reasonable price. Although he deals mainly in packs, armor, and other traveling equipment, he does also carry a small assortment of simple arms. Jack shares his shop with a quiet dragonborn smith, Lorthnul Venomfang, who conducts repairs on tools and wagons for customers.

Temples and Shrines

  • House of Order (8): This large brick building stands out in the small farming town but represents the influence of Falkirk on the small farming town. The founding high priest, Pio Bispo, built the temple as part of his mission to bring civilization to the wilds of the Winterbole Forest. The temple, of course, still stands and is maintained by the priestess, Signe Haakon.
  • House of Melora (9): Perhaps a juxtaposition to the Temple of Erathis, the House of Melora was built well before the House of Order, but remains as popular as ever, in part because the druid priest of Melora, Lafar Brookspeaker, works in close conjunction with Priestess Haakon of Erathis to maintain balance in the community.
  • Mordeep Fortress (10): Rare amongst the Winterbole Forest is the temple dedicated to Moradin. This large fortified temple is led by Servitor Frar Hammerfist of Hoor. The temple was erected after an aspect of Moradin repaired his armor at the smithy in Abersmith. The anvil was obtained as a relic of the All-Father and used as an altar of worship. Once a year, the dwarves of Abersmith gather at the anvil and the best smith among them forges a weapon upon the Mordeep Anvil. Contests of strength and endurance are then held among the younger dwarves and the forged weapon is awarded to the winner. Many of these winners then return to the dwarven strongholds in Hoor to serve as a guard to the king.

Other Locations

  • Drifter Outpost(11): The largest of the village Drifter Outposts in Ashendale, the outpost sees traffic from much of the area. Originally built as a support outpost to Falkirk in early days, the Abersmith Outpost has now become a large operating center for the county.
  • Elfham Manor(12): The wealthiest family in Abersmith are the noble-cum-farmer, Elfham family. Sir Ren Elfham was a young knight who lent his service to the Ihmisian crown before the Plight of Dragotha, but during the Plight, Elfham’s grandson, Ordar, took the family fortune and fled with the rest of Sir Ren’s descendants to the sparsely populated county of Ashendale in the Riverlands. Losing whatever title they held in Ihmisia, the Elfham family used their wealth to purchase land in Abersmith and farm it.

Nearby locations to the village of Abersmith

Falkirk, the capital of Ashendale, lies to the southwest along the North Road. Following the same road northeast leads to Darwen Cross. Worklow lies to the north, and crossing the border to the east leads to Bodnock.
Easttenroath follows the Black Trail to the east. Abersmith is on the same path to the west.


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