Reald the Red

Retired wizard, tavern owner, and patron of adventurers


Reald is a man in his later years. For those that don’t know him or his former trade, the assumption is often made that Reald is a simple barkeep of The Shattered Book and alderman of Greendell.

Easily recognized in a crowd, Reald wears a long gray beard and red hood, and appears to hold himself erect with a withered oaken staff. Years of retirement have contributed to his widening middle, but Reald is still very much spry and capable in a scrap; he is quite adept at breaking up a fight over middlings, cards, or dice.


In his day, Reald the Red was an accomplished evoker with The Order of the Blackened Arms. After studying under the tutelage of the legendary Grimbald Grizzelbane of Hoor, Reald left on journeyman status and found himself in the company of several other young adventurers looking for fame, fortune, power, or all three while traveling across the Riverlands, Madkroken, and Rauha.

Reald has many stories to share, but none moreso than the tale of how he met his wife, Elta, and founded The Shattered Book Tavern and the tale of how he nearly died in a spell duel with an Ahtari archwizard.

Reald the Red

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