Naldrin the Ever-Living

Reald's former apprentice, Accomplished arch-wizard & sage


Naldrin is a man in his middle years; handsome by most standards.


Somewhere between leaving his apprenticeship and seeking adventure as a way of life, Reald the Red took on an apprentice, Naldrin of Dahl, for a short time. Naldrin was a studious youth, who never had any desire other than to study the arcane. Never had he sought to pursue a life of adventuring or glory. Under the tutelage of Reald, Naldrin showed a certain intuitiveness not only in casting magic, but crafting it as well. Before long, Reald joined The Lorekeepers, in part, to leave Naldrin to his own study.

Naldrin traveled Hoor, the Riverlands, Madkroken, Rauha, and even Eskharad in the study of magic before finally returning to the Riverlands to occupy the Tower Arcana in Darwen Cross, which he renamed Naldrin’s Tower. Within the walls of Naldrin’s Tower he has proven instrumental to the preservation and creation of all things arcane, but he has proven a worthy advisor to diplomatic matters between the Riverlands and other nations around its borders.

Over the years, Naldrin has become increasingly reclusive, but he still maintains a steady stream of apprentices who have gained recognition and fame across all of Rykett.

Naldrin the Ever-Living

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