Merla Shortcloak



Merla was a typical halfling: pleasant, optimistic, and tenacious when need be. Merla could have been considered attractive.


Merla Shortcloak was an unlikely member of The Apple Dumpling Gang. In fact, she was the last member to join and the first to be killed in its service.

Merla’s family was originally from the land of Hestra in Eastern Ihmisia and moved with trade to the west toward the territory of Furain. Merla’s father Milo had taken service as a sharecropper for Lord Darroth Byburn. After the move and hitting hard times, Merla ran off to seek her fortunes elsewhere as a thief. Her journeys took her to back east to Ihmisia Proper where she was rescued by The Apple Dumpling Gang in a solo heist gone wrong.

Merla was always very open about her goals and desires. She only wanted to adventure long enough to return back to her father with untold riches so that he and her mother could set up their own farm in the Riverlands outside of heavy taxing and imperial law. Unfortunately, with her death, she will never be able to aid her family, nor do they know of her death given the circumstances following it.

Merla Shortcloak

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