Maugrim Oakwarg

Journeyman wizard with penchant for getting in trouble


Maugrim is a handsome young, journeyman wizard with the look of many Ihmisians: dark hair and light skin.

Maugrim wears robes indicative of his position and conducts many of his castings from his spellbook.


The Oakwarg family has lived in Glorin province of Ihmisa for many generations.

Although Maugrim apprenticed under the wizard Belwith of Glorin, he journeyed north to seek teachings from the renowned Naldrin of Darwen Cross; however, the Riverlands wizard already had an apprentice under study. Maugrim, therefore, used his family’s wealth to purchase a home in Firewine Crossing, and began building his reputation among the nobility and influential in the Riverlands.

Maugrim Oakwarg

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