Ellesar Montrain

Adviser to High Lord Raysdan of Furain


Ellesar Montrain is a man in his late middle-age. He is fit for his age and carries himself with an air of someone who has held a royal office for many years. Despite his age, he is quick and spry.


Born as the seventh son of Lord Corses Montrain, Ellesar never stood a chance of ever holding a lordship in Ihmisia; however, Lord Corses knew the value of all of his sons and strategically planned for each of them to hold positions of influence. At a young age then, Ellesar was sent to the Furain university to train as a wizard and join the Silver Griffins in the Ihmisian capital.

After his training though, Ellesar returned home for a family dinner where Lord Corses hosted the High Lord of Furain, Jorin Baldwin, and his family. High Lord Jorin remained at Lord Corses’ palace for several days, dining, hunting, and brokering deals. By and large, the stay was a success for Ellesar, who quickly befriended Jorin’s eldest son, Raysdan. As a result of their friendship, Raysdan spoke to his father to take on the young Ellesar at their estate and allow him to work there. Lord Jorin agreed to the suggestion and Ellesar’s fate was rewritten.

In short time, Ellesar proved his worth at the High Lord’s palace, and was elevated to the High Lord’s advisory council. After Lord Jorin’s death, his son made good with his friend once again and promoted him to lead the advisory council—a position that he holds to this day.

Ellesar Montrain

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