Bennigar Thwaite

A Vigilant Farmer


Bennigar is a man in his early forties. He speaks with a Northman’s accent.


Bennigar Thwaite is a man beholden to the law and all it stands for. Several years before the murder of Wygarthe and his daughter, Thwaite traveled across Riverside to Hoorstone as a caravan guard to supplement money lost in a crop turned bad. Leaving his wife and children to hold the farm alone, his farm was attacked by roving bandits. The Drifters had been in the area that day and happened to stop by the Thwaite farm, catching the bandits in the act.

Thwaite was grateful to the Drifters for helping his wife and children and holds the law in high esteem. Seeing the trouble facing the Drifters and the local police forces of Greendell and Ashenford in dealing with Black Knife, Thwaite decided to help out the best way he knows how.

After freeing the town from Black Knife’s forces, Thwaite was appointed mayor of Bodnock and exonerated the Bodnock Saints of any wrong-doing that had been attributed to them after the death of Jolline and Gerhardt Wygarthe.

Bennigar Thwaite

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