Baron Bertram Miller of Stonebarrow

Lost daughter to bandits. Our heroes are initially given the quest as Reald is now too old.


Baron Miller is a man of late-middle age, but the recent life of luxury has treated him well. He is robust in demeanor as well as girth, and although he tries to maintain airs of prestige, he frequently betrays his simple lineage and origins in conduct and behavior.


Baron Miller was given his title for the role he played in the events of the Grain Blight of 2091. The southern regions of the nation had been ravaged by the Grain Blight and guards were set about to find stores in granaries. The former Baron of Stonebarrow, fearing a spread of the blight to the north secured his stores underground. In an act of daring, Bertram Miller cracked open the main store and revealed it to the Silver Griffins. Seeing his loyalty, and the Baron’s treachery and treason, the emperor elevated the simple miller and granted him governance over the region and lands encompassed by Stonebarrow.

He hates not being treated as a man of his given title.

Baron Bertram Miller of Stonebarrow

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