The Kingdom of Three

The Apple Dumpling Gang

A Backstory of Hitting Rock "Bottom"

The Apple Dumpling Gang had been adventuring together for a short time—mostly small time work: hunting goblins, tracking bandits, etc. Things had been going well until Merla Shortcloak, your company’s thief, was exsanguinated by a scything blade trap in a kobold den. This misstep not only left your group mournful, but it also garnered the attention of the Silver Griffins, Ihmisia’s country guard (They don’t look on random deaths very well). Your activities were deemed illegal; all adventuring companies must register with the local lord in Ihmisia, and you were forced to flee or face trial.

Fortunately, freedom was easily found in the north in the Riverlands. But you have been slow to take to adventure since the loss of your comrade. However, Winterdale is abuzz with adventure, and the busiest place for adventurers is at The Shattered Book in Greendell, the capital of Winterdale. Eager to take up the sword again, you sit under the roof of the retired hedge wizard, Reald the Red, waiting for opportunity to walk through the door.


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