The Kingdom of Three

Orc and Ladies Do It for The D

Or Do They Do It for the 3?

A Summons to Easttenroath

While whiling away the long days and nights of Frostmoot in The Shattered Book, The Apple Dumpling Gang had been summoned to help a minor baron of Ihmisia, Bertram Miller, in finding his abducted daughter.

The envoy guard tasked with hiring our heroes, took the Apple Dumpling Gang to the small village of Easttenroath where they quickly learned that many teenage girls had been abducted but no one had responded as of yet. The party attempted to stake out the village and Lia Lightwind, the ADG’s war priest volunteered herself as bait; however, the stakeout failed. Pursuing other avenues, the group learned from a local farmer, Coster, that whoever or whatever had taken the girls came from the north, most likely the elven Ruins of Nimthyr.

A war party of orcs and an ogre under the guidance of an orc troll shaman was responsible for the abduction of the farm girls, but Baron Miller’s daughter, Jenyfer was not to be found among them. The ADG freed the girls and allied themselves with a warrior among the mix of farm girls, Thora Tarkanan. With the captive orc troll shaman, the ADG headed back to Easttenroath to bring Baron Miller the bad news.

Coincidentally, the return of the village girls softened the abrasive Coster, who revealed himself to the ADG as the abductor of Jenyfer. Jenyfer, seeing the error of her father’s ways agreed to be escorted to the next village shortly behind the ADG and Baron Miller’s envoy on their way to Greendell.

The Village of the Damned

Feigning to Baron Miller to seek the aid of their patron, Reald the Red, in Greendell, the group was stopped short in Bodnock by the mayor, Gerhardt Wygarthe and his guards. Gerhardt explained that his village had recently come under the attack of the undead, and that many of the village guards and militia had been killed and he required all the help he could get. The ADG was forced to reveal their ruse to Baron Miller who was later reunited with his daughter. Miller paid his reward to the ADG but swore that the ADG would forever be treated as criminals and thieves within Ihmisian borders.

The ADG spent the night at the gates of town fending off the dead as they pushed through the borders of Bodnock. Come morning, Wygarthe informed the adventurers that half of the remaining guard had been dispatched and this was by far the worst attack they had seen. After some investigation and a visit to Reald, the party learned that the dead began their siege of the town after Dorgo, a repellant dwarf that travels the countryside, befriended and brought a painting to Wygarthe’s daughter, Jolline, (similarly, a coded letter found from Easttenroath was signed by the dwarf). The ADG returned to Bodnock in great haste.

Under the practiced brushstroke of Jolline, she sought to restore the painting. As the ADG sought to obtain and destroy the painting, the town was once again assailed by the undead. Wraiths and zombies pushed at the walls and boarded windows of Wygarthe’s manor. Unfortunately, the attack had ended with the death of Wygarthe and the capture of the painting. Jolline, distraught over the death of her father, revealed that Dorgo had sent her a letter and the painting. She knew full well what Dorgo’s plans were, but they had never involved the death of her father.

Jolline led the ADG to the tomb of Magra the Vile, which was sealed; however, as if timed for their arrival, a death knight cleaved through the tomb door and entered the woods between Abersmith and Bodnock. Killian Hargrim moved to attack, but was stabbed and knocked unconscious by the restored Magra. Thora, Eberk, and Lia unsure what to do, began to mobilize with Jolline, but Magra cleaved the girl in two . Discretion being the better part of valor, the ADG fled, leaving the powerful Magra and his wights to their own devices.


Shaken by the experience at Magra’s tomb, the ADG sought counsel from Reald the Red, who issued a warning and another summons: the ADG should find Dorgo to learn more about the letters and the seal used on them- three crowns upon a field of black.

Unsure of where to begin looking, the ADG looked to new adventurers and pursued a cursed paladin, Redrig, who had slain several caravans traveling through Darwen Cross. Redrig was quickly destroyed and the cursed sword was buried next to the road where Redrig was killed. Reaching a dead end of sorts, the ADG returned to The Shattered Book to once again seek the advice of their patron and hope for Dorgo to tip his hand enough to reveal his next move.


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