The Kingdom of Three

News of Darker Days

It's Frostmoot. The Days Should Be Getting Brighter.

Rumors surrounding the Wygarthe family abound and stretch across the Riverlands. From the sanctuary of The Shattered Book you have learned Bodnock has been completely abandoned by her residents, leaving it a ghost town, inhabited only by bandits brave enough to stick around and loot the empty houses. Traffic from the north into Greendell has slowed practically to a stop, and travel all around has become much more cautious and fearful.

Among the whispers, a guard from Ashenford tells of a dark envoy traveling across the ford into Drummyn. “A man concealed by a dark cloak—evil eyes and a hollow voice. Paid handsomely to enter the gates, but I didn’t feel like I could tell him no if I wanted to. He asked for passage to Madkroken. He had two others with him. Pale-skinned fellows that didn’t say a word.”

Besides this particularly disturbing tale, you’ve kept your ear close to the ground for rumors of Dorgo, but so far that well of information has run dry.


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