The Kingdom of Three

Finding Veritas in Aequitas

"Destroy all that which is evil. So that which is good may flourish."

A Knife Lodged in the Heart of Bodnock

After the Apple Dumpling Gang had spent several days waiting within the walls of The Shattered Book for word of Dorgo the Dissenter, they decided to investigate the matter of bandits in Bodnock, who had managed to freeze trade across the Winterbole Forest region of the Riverlands. According to the rumors, a vigilant farmer by the name of Bennigar Thwaite was planning to take the village back from the bandit leader, Black Knife.

The ADG then forged north and along the road encountered an overturned wagon being ransacked by bandits. Although the ADG attempted to rescue the caravan guards and had slain the bandits, both of the guards died in the fight. Moving farther north, the ADG encountered more blockades, and finally the sieged town of Bodnock. The town itself was a burned out hull of what it once was. Homes were burned to the ground and lawlessness ruled the streets, but upon closer approach, the group was met by a kindly watchman, who called himself Gareth.

Gareth explained that his friends had retaken the town with the help of their leader Gideon, who was living in Wygarthe Manor, and the bandits had fled for the forest until they could stage another attack. When asked about Bennigar, Gareth shared the news of Bennigar’s death during the recapture of the town. He also went on to say that the ADG’s help would be much appreciated and their assistance against the bandits would remove any doubt that the ADG had anything to do with the downfall of the town.

Meeting with Gideon, the ADG were invited to help the villagers fight, and the two in alliance staged a surprise attack against the bandits. When the assault finally came, Black Knife and his men were overwhelmed by the organized town. Moving behind the bandits, Eberk attacked who he believed to be Black Knife, only to learn that the bandits were, in fact, Bennigar and the rest of the villagers. The force that held the town and made alliance with the ADG were none other than Black Knife and his men. Realizing their folly, the ADG switch sides mid-battle and turned the tide of the fight in favor of Bennigar and the villagers. Black Knife was slain and the last of the bandits were killed off before given the chance to flee.

Somewhat begrudgingly, Bennigar thanked the ADG, but to clear their names and start fresh, the group changed their name to the Bodnock Saints. Bennigar invited the Saints to rest in the town for the evening, and shared news that Dorgo was rumored to have frequented the Lucky Barrel as of late in the town of Abersmith.

This is Only a Drill… Axedrill, That Is

After an epic battle in the streets of Bodnock, the Bodnock Saints travelled to the Lucky Barrel to investigate the rumor that Dorgo could be found there looking for muscle. Sure enough, in a corner of the tavern sat a suspicious-looking dwarf smoking a pipe of Pefer’s Peach tobacco. A little more skeptical after the events in Bodnock, the Bodnock Saints were reluctant to approach Dorgo, but after some conversation, Dorgo had the group agree to attend to a problem that had been dogging him every evening outside the bar.

Around the corner of the tavern, Dorgo was outed as a fraud by a group of teen-aged urchins. In reality, this “Dorgo” was a dwarf by the name of Manus Axedriller, who had been bullied by the boys for some weeks. The “Dorgo” moniker was adopted to inspire others to join him, but Manus also said that the real Dorgo was gaining respect where Manus got none. Manus also said that if the opportunity presented itself, he would join Dorgo because Dorgo was someone that instilled fear and respect, so much so that people of Abersmith were beginning to call Dorgo the Dissenter Dorgo the Dark.

And For My Next Trick…

With the trail on Dorgo coming up dry once again, the Bodnock Saints waited to hear news of wrongdoing from the rumor mill at the Lucky Barrel. After a couple of days of drinking and smoking, Runefiss Bloodbeard, the barkeep of the Lucky Barrel shared news that the tower belonging to the wizard Naldrin of Darwen Cross had been leveled in an explosion and wizard and his apprentice disappeared.


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